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    Alarm Monitoring Services in Pasadena, CA

    Man in Front of Security Monitors for Alarm Monitoring Services in Pasadena, CA

    A Tale of Two Neighbors: Adam and Scott both live in Pasadena, CA. Both have young families, beautiful homes, and thriving businesses. Both families decided on a summer vacation to another city. They packed their suitcases, loaded their trucks, and headed out.

    Two weeks later, they returned to their homes to find out that Scott’s house had been burglarized. The burglar had gained access through the master bedroom window and made away with valuables worth $25,000. Adam’s house, on the other hand, was untouched.

    What Made the Difference? Adam had installed an alarm monitoring system from D&S Security, Inc.

    An alarm monitoring system may include video surveillance, burglar alarm, fire alarm, and many more features according to the buyer’s specifications. The system is set up to allow detailed communication between the home alarm system and the security service provider so that the appropriate authorities are alerted once there is a breach.

    Top-Notch Systems Tailor-Fitted for You in Pasadena, California

    Hand Holding Phone in Front of House for Alarm Monitoring Services in Pasadena, CAD&S Security, Inc. provides top-of-the-range security software and accessories catering to your home or office needs in Pasadena, customizable to suit your needs. Our most popular offerings include:

    • Burglar alarm systems: These protect your home from intrusion with our best-in-class, easy-to-install system that includes video surveillance and motion detectors.
    • Monitored fire alarms and smoke detectors: Our automated system sends alerts to your phone when an alarm goes off, so you are always informed.
    • Alarm monitoring: We provide 24/7 monitoring with professional, well-trained agents to keep you and your loved ones safe all day, every day.
    • Automated controls: These allow you to take control of your home from anywhere. Turn lights on or off, lock doors, manage your thermostat and control your entire security system from the palm of your hand.
    • Office access control: Customize your office access control with features like access records, entry and exit logs, the ability to remotely grant and revoke access, and more.

    Pasadena, CA – An Art Lover’s Haven

    Pasadena was founded in 1874 by Thomas B. Elliott. It is in the San Gabriel Valley, at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, and is the hometown of the celebrated physicist Albert Einstein.

    Art lovers can visit the Norton Simon Museum for some of the most remarkable private art collections in the world.

    D&S Security, Inc. is Pasadena’s most trusted security service provider. Contact us today to get your customized solution.