Burglar Alarm in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, Montebello, Long Beach and Surrounding Areas

    Immediate action is critical during break-ins, and burglar alarms help individuals in the area respond quickly by alerting them to a security breach as soon as it occurs. A burglar alarm system is made up of several electrical components that are connected to a home or business. They detect movement or the opening of doors and windows using sensors and contacts, and a loud alarm is emitted to warn others around of the unlawful intrusion. At D & S Security, our crew participates in ongoing training to ensure that we are always on the bleeding edge of security technology. D&S customizes security solutions to address particular dangers faced by today’s enterprises, regardless of industry. We collaborate with you to deliver uncompromised security while staying within your budget.

    Let us see how burglar alarms work step-by-by:

    hand inputting the code to a burglar alarm in Glendale

    Motion is sensed: When a door or window is closed, motion is detected by door and window sensors, which detect the contact of the door or window in the frame. Motion sensors, which detect motion and start the alarm countdown, can also be strategically positioned about the property.

    Control panel is alerted: All installed components, including sensors, are connected to a control panel, which receives all information from the detectors and sensors.

    The alert will sound if an abort code is not entered: The system is linked to an external bell or siren, which is normally mounted on the property’s exterior wall. This device sounds an alarm to warn people of an intruder. There is also an inside sounder that notifies any residents of the building that a detected event has occurred, as well as deterring the intruder.

    The alarm has been turned off: This control panel allows users to activate and deactivate the alarm system by using a fob or a numerical code. Alarms can now be set and unset remotely using apps on smartphones.

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