Fire Alarm System in Anaheim, Torrance, and the Surrounding Areas

    D & S Security has been a popular choice for both homeowners and business firms alike all over Anaheim, Burbank, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Torrance. With an emphasis on quality, honesty, and integrity, they have been successfully offering one of the best security systems and services like fire alarm system, home security, video surveillance etc, right from scrutinized analysis to installation and monitoring, since 1987.  

    So, here are 3 vital facts that you must know about us. Take a look.  

    1. Safety beyond Location 

    We, at D&S Security, take pride in our advanced security technologies, right from entrance monitoring, granting on-site access, system checks, and visual monitoring. This sort of technological advancement has not only multiplied safety but has also added an extra level of convenience, thereby ensuring you always get the protection you need no matter where you are. 

    1. Smarter Security Integration 

    Now you will be able to view and control your system remotely, regardless of where you are located all across the globe using your computer or smartphone with the help of internet. Our advanced smartphone and computer integration give temporary access to service providers, enabling you to know when someone enters the building and the amount of time they spend there.  

    1. Customer-Oriented Approach 

    We, at D & S Security, continuously work to bring the right security solutions for our clients, starting with researching new and innovative products to maintaining its proactive role with respect to the alarm industry associations. We believe in the philosophy of offering rapid and efficient service, quality equipment, and competitive pricing delivered by the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals of the industry. This has enabled us to create a strong client base along with the steady resources of referrals.  

    So, without any further delay, quickly contact us at 800-521-1958 now for your security needs.